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Structured Chaos

“The Outsiders meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Structured Chaos, a continuation of Pewter, Murder, and Loaded Dice, follows Alex Vinkler and Devin Predire through their high school years, as they focus on solidifying alliances in The Band and avoid criminal investigations and prison sentences while questioning the darker elements of their identities and roles and the very nature of self.

Suspenseful and gritty, Sconce juggles massive amounts of dirty details and weavesthem into a mystery redolent of the human condition. His firm grasp on the thingsthat keep humans stuck creates a sublime picture of teenage woe and misery.His insights illustrate an intimate familiarity with the mechanisms humans useto deceive and sabotage themselves. Structured Chaos is an ‘old-fashioned’dark tale of sex, drugs and rock and roll that is sure to leave you reeling.– Corin White, author of Year of The Bull

Structured Chaos

Gritty and profane. In Structured Chaos author Nick Sconce reveals a world ofdrugged out kids seeking meaning in their lives.– Sarah Bates, author of Twenty-One Steps of Courage

Pulp fiction in high school. Fast paced drug culture dialog with graceful twists.– Michael Minns, author of The Underground Lawyer.

Structured Chaos

Rave Reviews for Structured Chaos

"The way that you can't judge a book by its cover applies to all the characters in this book. What you see is not always what you get and what you get ranges from the mystifying stay in an institution to the sometimes terrifying consequences of youthful hubris and everywhere in between. Remember those weird kids in high school and how you wondered what they were up to? Nick Sconce's well paced prose shows you that it is far beyond your imagination."—John S.

"I bought Structured Chaos on a whim because I love a good adventure about teenage angst and kids testing the boundaries of their world (It, The Outsiders, Catcher in the Rye). A group of teenagers bound up in their mundane world of small town life and filled with grandiose dreams of power and invincibility, Structured Chaos delivers a fulfilling page turner of youth testing the waters of violence, independence, and authority. I read this book first, but will be going back to read Sconce's first book, Pewter, Murder, and Loaded Dice. If you're looking for a new author with a grasp on unraveling the mysteries of finding your place in the world with a sick twist on the coming-of-age concept, you'll enjoy this book."—downburst29