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The Hatchet Women Series

Nick Sconce is about to publish his third novel,Hatchet Women, for the people to enjoy. He is quite proud of his forthcoming books and hopes you will enjoy a preview of his works, including the planned sequel Hatchet Women: Back Bay Slayings.

Hatchet Women , Book Cover

Hatchet Women

Edie Firebaugh and her team of young, career-oriented women are coerced to dye their hair to blend into their insurance company's event planning department, concealing their real work in special investigations, fraud prevention, and agent termination. As they ascend and infiltrate the company's hierarchy, they uncover a layered scheme in the private placement annuity unit, which limits pay-outs to customers through mass murders designed to appear as tragic accidents. The unit also happens to be their company's most profitable.

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Rave Reviews for Hatchet Women

Crystal J. Casavant - Otto Blog Tour Manager with WOW! Women on Writing and Publicist with Dream of Things Publishing, says:

"Nick Sconce is a talented author with a gift for storytelling. He lays out the details beautifully and draws readers in. I love a good mystery and this one will have you at the edge of your seat as the tale unfolds. The details are written exquisitely and you can tell Sconce has done his homework dotting his i's and crossing every T."

Larry Watts - Author of many great works of fiction, including November 2016's Dishonored and Forgotten, says:

"Nick Sconce takes an unusual subject for a work of fiction, the insurance industry, and weaves an intriguing story. An all-female team ferrets out fraud, incompetence and laziness while navigating the mine fields of corporate politics. All this as the ladies each deal with personal issues. The author's writing style puts the reader right in the room with the book's cast of interesting characters."

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