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Pewter, Murder, and Loaded Dice, Cover

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Hatchet Women will glimpse the seedier elements of corporate
culture domination.
Pewter, Murder, and Loaded Dice tells us how far the youthful generation can fall, acting as a grim and all too realistic reminder of the fallacy of youth. Structured Chaos goes even further down that rabbit hole, as Nick Sconce shows his adult readers his vision of teenage hubris. Meanwhile,  All of Nick's novels are available through Amazon®, as well as Barnes & Noble® and other book distributors.

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Nick Sconce's Visions of America's Underbelly

There exists a dark underbelly to our nation, one filled with a lurking corruption that bursts forth in sudden violence and wasted young lives. Nick Sconce has tapped into this underworld hiding beneath our country, and he has vented this insight into his fiction novels.

Pewter, Murder, and Loaded Dice, Cover

Strange cliques and odd social gatherings are commonplace among the young, but what secrets are they hiding? This powerful novel explores the darkest potential of teenage rebellion.

Pewter, Murder, and Loaded Dice
Hatchet Women, Cover

Corporate corruption is a harsh truth in today's increasingly business-minded world. Nick Sconce's new novel, Hatchet Women, joins a team of four women in their fight against this corruption.

Hatchet Women

About the Author

Nick Sconce was originally published back in 2010. He has since published a second novel, and he will soon publish his third. Nick was originally inspired to write Pewter, Murder, and Loaded Dice and Structured Chaos after seeing the rampant increase in school shootings and violence over the past 20 years. He sorely wanted to highlight the root causes and symptoms that can lead young people down such dark paths, and eventually this lead to the release of his adult-oriented novels. He worried that too many people were focusing purely on the aftermath of violence, not enough on what might lead someone astray, and he hopes his texts will in some way educate on these twisted parts of the human psyche.

The Hatchet Women series, on the other hand, is Nick's impressive foray into the dark side of corporations. No one else is writing about four women taking down corrupt insurance companies, indeed, you could easily call Hatchet Women the "John Grisham formula" applied to the insurance industry.



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